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Non-Mandatory Update v2.1.8.1 Heron > v2.1.8.2 Heron

Adeptio Core v2.1.8.2 Heron A good practice to have wallet.dat and adeptio.conf backups before ...

Update BETA v0.6.0 > BETA v0.7.0

# Notable Changes • Windows BugFix opening MN config;• Users now can export wallet.dat;• S...

Update BETA v0.5.0 > BETA v0.6.0

# Notable Changes • Legacy code change and bug fixes;• Start a masternode (almost done);

Update BETA v0.4.0 > BETA v0.5.0

# Notable Changes Color changes; Button to clear banned peers; User now can set adeptio downl...

Update BETA v0.3.0 > BETA v0.4.0

# Notable Changes Design change; Import privKey; Show wallet addr qr-code; Created about win...

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Method 2: building & configuring from scratch

This guide required an advanced knowledge (experts only)

Method 1: auto-installer scripts

This method requires minimal knowledge about blockchain and masternode principles

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