How to buy Adena?

Short intro:


 Adena BUY rate =  6000 Adena =  1 Adeptio (ADE)
Register > Buy  Adeptio (ADE) coins
Change  Adeptio (ADE) to  Adena


Step by step:



Register to website:



Deposit Bitcoin.png Bitcoins (BTC)

Go to and deposit some Bitcoins (BTC) in order to Adeptio (ADE):



Buy   Adeptio (ADE) with Bitcoin.png Bitcoins (BTC)

Go to and make coins exchange:



Assuming you successfully exchanged 123   Adeptio (ADE) with Bitcoin.png Bitcoins (BTC)

Check your Available balance at You should have 123 Adeptio (ADE) as an example.



Prepare to withdraw Adeptio (ADE) from

Log in to your control panel at website:



In Deposit Adeptio (ADE) section:

Enter your account password and click Deposit Adeptio



Then you clicked Deposit Adeptio:

Check generated Temporary wallet address and copy it. Please select the amount of Adeptio (ADE) you wish to deposit:



Go back to and make withdrawal request:

Go to and make Adeptio (ADE) withdrawal. Please, double-check correct amounts of withdrawal amount to deposit amount! As an example, we chose 123. If you specify differently the deposit will FAIL to indicate that amounts don't match.



Confirming your deposit:

Wait 5-15 minutes and you ready to approve your Deposit operation. Click Deposit Aproval. If you sent coins not to a correct address or clicked Deposit Approval too fast or without 5-15 minutes delay you will get this Error.


Of course, you can click Deposit Approval the second time, this is fine. Successful Deposit window:



Now you can exchange Adeptio (ADE) to Adena:

The ratio of how much you will get Adena with Adeptio (ADE) is published on the website. Now just select Character / Amount of Adena you would like to buy and click Buy Adena. That's it! Congratulations! 


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