Full L2 Hive Five Game Client + Patch

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L2 Hive Five System Patch

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#1    Marcos Costa   Marcos Costa commented 1 month ago

Hello, I play the Lineage 2 Corona and in the 2nd Class Quest "Trial of the Challenger" where we have to kill the "Succubus Queen" the mob is not there ... Please see this for me ...

Another thing that could be done is in relation to the Buffs having a duration of 1 hour, as today it only lasts 20 minutes and is a short time ... Thanks in advance for your attention.

#2    roothere   roothere commented 1 month ago
In reply to #1

Hello Marcos Costa,

we glad to hear that you playing at our server. Please contact anyone with a support tag on our Discord channel.

#begalo #roothere


#3    begalo   begalo commented 1 month ago •  Updated 1 month ago by begalo
In reply to #1

Marcos Costa, hey, thanks for feedback, we already fixed that, also buffs duration changed to 1 hour, dances/songs to 20mins. Let us know if you have any other questions.

#4    Marcos Costa   Marcos Costa commented 5 days ago •  Updated 5 days ago by Marcos Costa

Hello, Did something happen with Server Adeptio on Discord ?! I can't find it anymore ...

PS: My Clan is still lvl 3 and the Quest seems to be bugged, because the NPC doesn't show the dialogue ...

I thank you for the attention and the initiative of the Server Creation ... If it weren't for him, I would have gone crazy in this quarantine !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

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