FAQ - Masternode issues

How to check masternode status?

Sometimes you don't know if your masternode is legit and participating in reward system. How to be sure?

Method 1:

Go to your VPS ant simply use a terminal command:

adeptio-cli masternode status

Good result output:

"txhash": "c22cdfda2a1f837f872c99e9e324e48850b18198d49a63f7c5c8d8db11739087",
"outputidx": 0,
"netaddr": "x.x.x.x:9077",
"addr": "APxwmaL9gK1yjRo45ntsxFATjaJ4GvQz48",
"status": 4,
"message": "Masternode successfully started"

Method 2:

Sometimes masternode status could be an old message from past. In order to be sure we can check all current valid masternodes from adeptio blockchain and parse it by command:

adeptio-cli masternode list

This gives a lot of output to the terminal. So how to be sure that your masternode is in the list?

adeptio-cli masternode list | grep -B 6 -A 6 "YourMasternodeIPaddress"

Successful output:

"rank": 55,
"network": "ipv4",
"txhash": "c22cdfda2a1f837f872c99e8e364e48850b18198d49a63f7c5c8d8db11739097",
"outidx": 0,
"status": "ENABLED",
"ip": "YourMasternodeIPaddress",
"addr": "APxwmaL9gK1yjRo5YntsxFATjaJ4GvQz4a",
"version": 70716,
"lastseen": 1546722038,
"activetime": 112186,
"lastpaid": 1546712907

Method 3:

Simply check the adeptio explorer - masternode tab and find your masternode in Search bar by IP address:




I can't start a masternode

Sometimes you just can't start a masternode. We discuss most frequently problems.

Not capable masternode - not found in the list:

Masternode not found in the list of available masternodes. Current status: Not capable masternode: (code -1)

Most likely you are trying to setup HOT masternode which keeps the ADE coin in same VPS. This method no longer supported because it's not safe to keep coins somewhere in the cloud. Please take a look of cold masternode intallation guides:



Masternode not found in the list of available masternodes. Current status: Node just started, not yet activated:

Please wait until blockchain sync masternode data. At least ~10 minutes from initial start. If your wallet blocks far away from current block - you have to wait much longer. Until blockchain block matches with yours. You can check by typing in to the terminal:

adeptio-cli getinfo | grep blocks

Now compare with explorer data:



Not capable masternode - can’t detect valid external address:

Not capable masternode: Can’t detect valid external address. Please consider using the externalip configuration option if problem persists

This problem can be solved by adding a flag to adeptio.conf:

Unable to bind to 9077 on this computer. Adeptio Core is probably already running:

Most likely adeptiod is already running or you have difficulties with IP binding to particular port. You can try to add this flag to adeptio.conf:

Unable to start adeptiod:

EXCEPTION: N5boost12interprocess22interprocess_exceptionE
Permission denied
adeptio in AppInit()

most likely your Unix permissions don't mach with your adeptiod permissions. Try to run adeptiod with sudo rights:

 adetpiod -daemon


GUI wallet shows ENABLED but active time is 00:00 or with negative - sign

Probably you just started a masternode. This shouldn't alarm you, as it can take a few hours for this to reflect. Negative sign appears if you clicked more than once to Start a masternode.

Need additional help? Go to Discord and ask for help.

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