FAQ - Adeptio Staking

How can I start staking?

To participate in staking and getting rewarded:

  • Unlock the Wallet (Wallet can not be encrypted)
  • Chain must be synced, not importing or reindexing
  • Must have active connections
  • At least ~50 ADE coins in the wallet
  • At least 100 confirmations - confirmations can be checked by mousing-over transactions)
  • Masternode additional data must be synced
  • Leave the wallet open 24/7

Does my amount of time staking or coin age affect my chances of winning rewards?

No, adeptio proof of stake does not give more weight to older coins or clients with longer consecutive uptime.  The only weight you have in staking is your (mature) ADE balance. Think of the block reward each minute like a lottery and each mature ADE is a ticket that increases your chances of winning.

Any chance to optimize my inputs/UTXOs for better staking chances?

Short answer is no. But this is debatable.

Why do I need to unlock my wallet for staking?

An option to "unlock for staking only" has been included for security so normal transactions can't be sent during this type of unlock.  An unlock is required because if you win the block reward, your Adeptio Core wallet or Adeptio daemon (adeptiod) client will send out the winning UTXO and it will come back with the reward included. 

Do I need to add "staking=1" to my configuration file?

No and Yes. By default Adeptio Core wallet or Adeptio daemon (adeptiod) has staking option enabled by default. So this command is not necessary.

How can I check the staking status?

The status of these conditions in the command-line interface or using Tools -> Debug Console with the command getstakingstatus

How long does it take to start staking?

Staking can sometimes take up to 60 minutes to begin working even after conditions are met. If all conditions are met but staking does not begin after some hours, restart the wallet. 

Need additional help? Go to Discord and ask for help.

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