MacOS High Sierra 10.13


Install HomeBrew first:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

We need a bunch of building tools, dependencies & libs:

brew install autoconf automake berkeley-db4 libtool miniupnpc openssl pkg-config protobuf qt5 zmq libevent
brew install [email protected]
brew link --overwrite [email protected] --force

Make the Homebrew OpenSSL headers visible to the configure script (do brew info openssl to find out why this is necessary, or if you use Homebrew with installation folders different from the default).

export LDFLAGS+=-L/usr/local/opt/openssl/lib
export CPPFLAGS+=-I/usr/local/opt/openssl/include


Getting the adeptio source code

Official adeptio github repository - 

Master branch:

cd ~/
git clone
cd adeptio


Building the wallet

./configure --with-gui=qt5

You can use make -j {CPU Core count} in order to make building faster. For example with 2 CPU Cores: make -j 2

It's OK to ignore "warning" signs during building process


Strip the binary to reduce the size (Optional)

After successful build in order to minimize the adeptiod / adeptio-cli / adeptio-tx / adeptio-qt binary size we can use stripping method:

strip ./src/adeptiod ; strip ./src/adeptio-cli ; strip ./src/adeptio-tx

If you building with GUI wallet:

strip ./src/qt/adeptio-qt


Need additional help? Go to Discord and ask for help.

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