AdeptioModernWallet Updates

Update BETA v0.0.2 > BETA v0.0.3

# Notable Changes
  • Added new animations;
  • Set timeout in order to load ADE block index (bug fix)
  • Users now can resize the window;
  • Changed intro sound; 
  • Added rating system (Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum);
  • Added toast (pop up incoming tx);
  • Added new upcoming exchange;

Update BETA v0.0.3 > BETA v0.1.0

# Notable Changes
  • Users now can lock/unlock wallet;
  • Overview window now have explorer info;
  • Send windows now check for spelling;
  •  User now can search through transactions page;
  •  Users now can add peer IP's;
  •  Added new extra info box
  •  Added new moving animations;
  •  Changed intro sound;

Update BETA v0.1.0 > BETA v0.2.0

# Notable Changes
  • Design change;
  • Wallet lock/unlock bug fix;
  • Show separate wallets balance;
  • Added functional buttons (don't work for now)

Update BETA v0.2.0 > BETA v0.3.0

# Notable Changes
  • Design change;
  • Ban a peer;
  • Copy wallet addr;
  • Export PrivKey;

Update BETA v0.3.0 > BETA v0.4.0

# Notable Changes
  • Design change;
  • Import privKey;
  • Show wallet addr qr-code;
  • Created about window with versions;

Update BETA v0.4.0 > BETA v0.5.0

# Notable Changes
  • Color changes;
  • Button to clear banned peers;
  • User now can set adeptio download dir;

Update BETA v0.5.0 > BETA v0.6.0

# Notable Changes

• Legacy code change and bug fixes;
• Start a masternode (almost done);

Update BETA v0.6.0 > BETA v0.7.0

# Notable Changes

• Windows BugFix opening MN config;
• Users now can export wallet.dat;
• Start a masternode (still in progress to start missing masternode);